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In Libelula Tulum we believe is important to communicate and relief any questions our coming guests are concerned about when staying with Us.


We are proud to state that our selected suppliers not only provided us with ecological & biodegradable products as we run wetlads system, but are also effective against COVID-19.


Due our new global scenario, we are sharing the following measures that have been implemented for safeness of us all.




  • All guests, staff, vendors and suppliers are subject to temperature checks upon each arrival and departure to keep a record on the information.

  • All guest relations required to avoid personal interaction can be done through whatsapp.

  • For any health emergency, be relief as we do have a doctor at our disposal in Tulum pueblo for any personal call or consultation at hotel. His services are paid directly to him.




  • Physic protection between guests and front desk is in place for safer check in.

  • Your key will be ready & sanitized for you to pick up directly from our desk.

  • We also required from all Guests when checking in, to notify of any symptoms such as fever, headache, cough, or sore throat as we keep record of it on their booking.




On every Check In

  • Rooms are previously cleaned thoroughly. All surfaces and objects are wiped down with sanitizers.

  • Curtains are steamed with a steam cleaner. 

  • A/C filters are cleaned.

  • All our linens are professionally cleaned by an exterior supplier.

  • Pillow protectors are now a standard and clean ready for every check in.

  • Mattress protectors have always been a standard

  • Mattress are professionally sanitized monthly, and steam cleaned before each use. 

  • Beach Towels are provided for personal use during your stay and to use only within the hotel. Does not apply for +7 long stays.


During Your Stay


  • Our staff wears face mask for daily cleaning. Upon guest request service can be suspended.

  • Hand sanitizer is available and provided by the hotel to be use within the room.




  • Our table and chairs are cleaned & sanitized prior to, and after, each seating.

  • Seating is set to accommodate for social distancing

  • Our Menu is provided by a QR code to all guests to read on their own cell pones. 

  • Sanitizers are available on the communal table or the kitchen bar

  • All our groceries and fresh products is washed and disinfected  with iodine solution.

  • Our kitchen team utilize face mask and gloves.




  • Beach beds are laid out to ensure social distancing.

  • Each guest is provided with a personal beach towel for their stay and change for fresh and new when requested.




  • Therapist recommended look carefully to sanitize themselves prior to beginning any treatment and wear face masks.

  • Linens & towels are fresh and new for each guest.

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